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Keep in Touch

Anirudh apparently rediscovered his love for the hype created in dance while keeping to his strengths of creating romantic tunes. With "Nazaraas" and "Genesis", Anirudh pays tribute to the raas and fusion teams that energize his friends at Ohio State. Then, with songs like "French Village", "Portugal", and "My Heart Is Lost Without You", Anirudh takes on the themes of romance, family, and community. The title of the album was inspired by the idea of being with friends in such dance events while emphasizing the ideas of what it means to be family and what it means to have a community.

21st Birthday Special

Anirudh compiled songs from Identity and Keep in Touch as well as a deleted album, Aspire, into one great package that would make it easy for listeners to download and possibly save some money.


Anirudh, for the first time ever, collaborated with his mother and younger brother to delve into an album that emphasizes ambition married to humanity. For the first time ever, Anirudh made an extended version of the title song. Destiny marries the goals and ambitions of young people while also upholding important values of humanity that lead to lifelong connections. That is what makes this album special.



Anirudh did not want to create another album using one single instrument. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Anirudh had the chance to take out his old keyboard and use it well to make songs that consisted of the sounds of guitars and harps to give a wider ostinato and new feeling. With Moments, Anirudh combines these instruments while continuing to spread a message of love and change that is for the better.


Introducing Anirudh Rajagopalan

Anirudh released a compilation that includes more of his recent songs.


The Magic Umbrella

Anirudh wanted to move to studio production in the year 2021, and that's exactly what he did. At the same time, he also wanted to tell an original story. While he may be the author of 5 books, Anirudh wanted to try and tell a new story in a completely different way - through music! "The Magic Umbrella" tells the story of a young woman who realizes that life is so much more than one's own ambitions and goals. In this album, Anirudh uses several combinations of orchestra, piano, guitars, and other instruments to create a riveting soundtrack to describe the moods and feelings of the biggest events in the book.


As Anirudh currently does extensive research on the culture, history, and musical genres of Germany, he explored the idea of fusing German genres with Western orchestral symphony instruments. Taking samples of various German genres of music, including contemporary pop and folk, Anirudh leveraged his software to create compositions and music that could emulate the sounds and feels of these genres as much as possible.


Anirudh wanted to make a more soulful type of album where the tempos are slow and a flute would play a leading role. He explored keeping violas, cellos, and electric bass as the bass platform while other soprano instruments played the leading melodies. Anirudh wanted to take some time to give more slow songs as his message that sometimes, it's good to slow down and relax. After all, we are given only 1Life.

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