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Anirudh Vijay Rajagopalan is an Indian-Japanese-American aspiring music composer, director, performer, and model, who is passionate about different music cultures of the world and bringing them together to create new works of fusion. He has various covers and compositions to his credit and has performed in numerous venues across the United States.

Born and raised mostly in the United States into a family of musicians who have made their mark on the Indian film industry - including working with some of the country's biggest musicians including Harris Jayaraj, Ilaiyaraaja, and A.R. Rahman - Anirudh has always strived to make a difference using his musical talents. He has trained in mridangam and ghatam for over a decade and is also a vocalist.


He is also interested in Bollywood, listening to and covering songs from popular Bollywood artists. He has met various Carnatic music artists from home and abroad and regularly accompanies on the mridangam and ghatam. He is also skilled in piano and violin and can compose for full orchestral symphonies.


Anirudh has given concerts, solo, duet, and group with mridangam, ghatam, and has received numerous awards and accolades over the past decade. Anirudh is also an assistant for his mother's music school and regularly accompanies and trains several of her students at various levels.

Anirudh is extremely passionate about how different people find love in different genres of music. This is why he listens not just to various genres of music from India, but abroad as well, such as Portuguese Fado, French, and German-language music, to name a couple. 

In addition, Anirudh does extensive research on German culture, history, and musical genres as well as Western Music Theory. 


And he works hard at every opportunity to share the best of his ideas and work to audiences - and reveal the identity within.

He is able to sing in multiple languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, German, Croatian, Korean, and Japanese.

He graduated from William Mason High School, where he started composing music on his own, and by the time he finished half his undergraduate career at The Ohio State University, he had composed over 40 songs that encompass various tunes, ideas, and stories.

IMG_9016 (1).HEIC

Anirudh's music has revolved around combining self-composed tunes with those of famous Bollywood songs. His composing methods revolve around his personal belief that songs should be made so different people with different stories and backgrounds can relate and connect. Anirudh's love for music comes from his family who has trained and supported him in what he does today.

Since arriving at The Ohio State University, he worked with young people from his high school days and college to produce music that has made waves in the market. In just his first two years of entering the streaming market, he has launched 3 albums that show his wonderful ideas and the stories he makes. Anirudh then graduated from The Ohio State University in December 2020, where he received his degree in Actuarial Science and minor in Statistics.

Anirudh also spends his time traveling for musical opportunities and pleasure, frequenting various locations in North Carolina and other regions of the country.

He enjoys building his personal brand, through music, modeling, and other fun ventures.

He also keeps a close network of friends from his family hometown, Mason, Ohio, and his college. 

Anirudh hopes to continue his careers in Actuarial Science and Music, as he finds peace and happiness in both. He looks forward to many more amazing years to perform onstage and learning and growing as a composer, director, and performer.

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