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Anirudh is currently working on several projects.

He is also expanding into new ventures such as taking courses in related subjects, and interacting and learning from other artists.

While outside of the internet platforms, he works with his mother, Malathy Vijay, to accompany several of her senior students on mridangam and other percussion instruments.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Anirudh is using this time to work on more music while incorporating different instruments he can use. He has recently entered studio production and online software to expand on his ideas and work.

Now graduated from The Ohio State University, he has more time to focus on the things that he loves more. Some of these things include playing mridangam for more virtual concerts, raising money for a new piano that he hopes to acquire, and meeting new and aspiring musicians in the Research Park Triangle.

He is currently preparing to score the soundtrack for an upcoming movie and collaborating in several works with SMYA, his jazz fusion band. In addition, he has ventured into modeling, collaborating with brands as an ambassador, and looks forward to more opportunities!

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